The Rebecca Minkoff for Bravado Designs Limited Edition, Essential Nursing Tank Collection will be available via a carefully curated group of specialty retailers including Milk Face. These are dedicated, long-term partners of Bravado Designs, all of whom share Bravados’ philosophy and commitment to super-serving all mothers. 

From its inception as an appointment-only operation in the basement of founder Britt Pegan’s, family home, Milkface Nursingwear has been more than a business – it has been a trusted resource to new mothers.  When growth allowed a move to retail stores, the goal was never to make a retail environment where store design and product decisions would be made using business formula and textbook models; decisions were made that would make new moms comfortable with public breastfeeding, open about the challenges of motherhood and secure in a judgement free environment.

Over the years, Britt used her own personal feelings on style, comfort and function when choosing the products carried at Milkface.  The inclusion of Bravado products was an easy one given their broad appeal, reasonable prices and compact, attractive packaging, in store signage and retail displays.  Bravado and Milkface have been partners from the beginning.

Milkface is a mom store.  No strollers, onesies and toys in our stores, just the best in breastfeeding and babywearing gear.  We have a lounge we call the Milkspace where moms can drop in to nurse their babe in comfort.   We have often been urged by outsiders to convert this space for retail purposes and  expand into complimentary markets such as maternity and baby gear but we feel that no one can do it all and if we are to be a trusted resource for breastfeeding products and information, we would need to maintain our laser focus on new moms.  In fact we recently took Britt and two other employees successfully through the IBCLC accreditation in order to better serve our customers informally in store and professionally though a new venture, Milkface Lactation Services.  This has been widely hailed by the local breastfeeding community as an incredible achievement and is something we are very proud of.

We were excited to hear about the collaboration between Bravado and Rebecca Minkoff in support of needy families as it mirrors our efforts in the Ottawa breastfeeding community.  Each year we provide thousands of dollars worth of nursingwear to Mothercraft for dissemination to needy new mothers.  In addition we host drop-ins and seminars for any mother with babe-in-arms to attend free of charge.  As an entrepreneur, Britt Pegan is  proud of Milkface as a respected business, but it is Milkface’s efforts to support new mothers that she shares most readily when asked to speak about Milkface.

As a parent, Britt sees her personal efforts through Milkface as an opportunity to show her three children, all girls, the importance of hard work and determination, showing gratitude for personal success, and sharing with those who are less fortunate.  If, one day, one or all of them choose to take on a role at Milkface it would make Britt incredibly proud but should that day not come, she’ll know that they have a role model to do good things for others in whatever community they choose to be a part of.

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