Green Goodness

Green Goodness

Since our beginning, Bravado has operated in an environmentally sustainable fashion. It’s as much a part of who we are as making fabulous nursing bras. With 40 people in our office, we only generate 2 bags of garbage a week. That’s fewer than most family households!

How do we do it? Here are some of the ways:


We reuse
We try to find an alternate use for everything before tossing it into the garbage or recycle bin. We use the backs of printed paper, and reuse leftover terrycloth fabric from our breast pads to make hand towels for our kitchens and bathrooms.

We donate
We donate any leftover, defective or surplus fabrics and packaging to various organizations, including:

  • Product seconds (product that’s perfectly fine to the naked eye but for one reason or another doesn’t meet our strict quality standards for sale) to women's shelters, pregnancy crisis centers and similar agencies. Why send them to a landfill when they can help new moms? 
  • Bolts of fabric to community sewing programs,
  • Packages, old cardboard, posters (laminated makes for great finger-painting), fabric scraps and other odds and ends to community schools for arts and crafts. You should see the brilliant creations kids come up with by using our “garbage.”
  • Fabric strips and plastic from packaging to our local community gardens (they use them as tomato ties)

We are powered by renewable energy
Our office is powered by Bullfrog, an energy retailer that provides clean, reliable electricity from 100% EcoLogo Certified energy sources.

We recycle
Internally we have a recycle squad who makes sure that every can, bottle, plastic, and paper is recycled. They even make contact a private company to pick up paper that the city wouldn’t otherwise pick up!

We use Green Bins
To divert even more waste from our garbage cans we have recently implemented Green Bins ( in our office (before we composted onsite). All of our organic waste is picked up and then composted for use within the city.

We buy Organic and Fair Trade
All of the coffee and tea in our building is organic and fair trade (and trust us – it’s a lot!).


Hear it From Kathryn

Watch as Kathryn shares how Bravado is continually committed to the environment and operating as a sustainable organization. 

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