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Kara Matuszewski Sassone

Posted By: Kara Matuszewski Sassone

First -- and second -- time mom. Her twins were born seven weeks early and spent their first three weeks in the NICU. During that time Kara navigated, with the love and support of her husband, how to pump and bring milk to her babies in the hospital.

I’ve written before about how I wasn’t ready for my twins when they were born at 33 weeks. I hadn’t packed a hospital bag. We didn’t have our phone chargers or camera at the hospital. And I also didn’t have a nursing bra.

I had attempted to buy one a few weeks before their birth, but the woman in the store convinced me to wait until after they were born. I knew I should have listened to my inner monologue telling me, “No, buy one now! You’ll need it!”

So, when the babies were born I had these silly convertible bras that unhinged where the cup and the strap meet, but then the strap fell behind my back and it was uncomfortable. There I sat in my hospital bed on my iPhone on the second day ordering nursing bras off the internet – sight unseen and more so, no trying on. But they were a necessity.

When I got them they were ok. They did the job, but I wish I had tried some on before buying. After I got out of the hospital (but before the babies came home) I went shopping and bought some bras that fit much better.

Note to expecting mothers: buy at least one nursing bra before the baby(ies) come. You won’t want to go shopping after and buying online is tough.

As for other necessities in my closet and dresser? Yoga pants, nursing tank, two piece pajamas with a button down top for easy middle of the night feedings, jeans (I wore my maternity jeans for several weeks), dressier pants (for that first date with your partner!), sweatshirts if you have a winter baby, a couple of my husband’s t-shirts (I’m finding not many of my pre-pregnancy tops fit thanks to breastfeeding), slippers (you don’t want to be slipping on hardwood floors while carrying a baby), nursing tops, and a hair elastic (for when you can’t get a shower).

What are your postpartum necessities?

Kara, Jackson and Campbell donned their orange to cheer on the Syracuse Orangemen who were in the Elite 8 in the NCAA Tournament.

9:01am on Wednesday March 28


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