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Kathryn From

Posted By: Kathryn From

Kathryn From, CEO of Bravado and mother of two shares her candid insights from the corner office and the nursing lounge. Get the inside line on the company that has defined breastfeeding as well as the very personal journey of the woman at the helm.

Yesterday was one of those days. Not a bad day – but rather an enlightening day. It was a day that serves as a (not so gentle) reminder of Bravado Designs’ role in women’s lives. Bravado has the absolute privilege of being a part of the powerful journey into motherhood – the good and the challenging. We are there for all of it. And again, that comes with a real responsibility – one that we have always taken quite seriously.

Yesterday there was a blog written by an editor for BabyCenter. It was an editorial piece (we did not pay for it), which did a nice job of walking the reader through the merits of our tank and the colors featured in our spring collection. However, the piece crossed a very real line  - and created a great deal of anger and disappointment.  On behalf of Bravado and personally, I would like to acknowledge that the blog which suggested that colorful clothing might be an aid for Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders or PPD was, to put it bluntly, very inappropriate.  PPD is an extremely serious, heartbreaking disorder that can have tragic consequences.   We deeply regret that it was implied that our colorful nursing tanks could help cure this disorder in any way – PPD is not something to ever treat lightheartedly.   The blogs author has recognized that she used a poor choice of words, and has since changed the language of the post. 

Still, the line was crossed. And while we do hope that our fashion colors can add a little bit of sunshine to a new mom’s life, we in no way presume to have any effect whatsoever on the challenges of PPD.   While we were not aware of the content of the post prior to seeing it on BabyCenter ourselves, I would like to apologize that we were inadvertently involved. 

Perhaps in some small way the unfortunate events of yesterday drew attention to this horrible disorder and can promote discussion.  One gain was that we have met women such as Lauren Hale, (www.mypostpartumvoice.com) and her fellow PPD advocates who will now work with us to share additional and critical information on PPD with the Bravado community.

We apologize for any way in which our involvement in the events on BabyCenter may have hurt or angered. I stand here today both sorry and reminded of the important role we play in women’s lives. Taking both seriously, we start today as a new one – with a clear and committed focus  - reminded of our resolution to serve all mothers.

3:16pm on Wednesday March 28


Angela Yakonich
6:55pm on Thursday March 29

Bravo! The ultimate professional and classy move. I am a program manager for Life With a Baby which is a peer support program proven to help with PPMD symptoms. I would love to connect with you! angela@lifewithababy.com

1:28pm on Thursday March 29

I am one of the moms whose comment expressing my disappointment with the blog was posted by BabyCenter. I am still fighting to recover from PPD. I am VERY IMPRESSED that you've taken the time to post your apology. You have been and will continue to be my go-to for fun, stylish nursing attire. Admitting a mistake just makes me think you're even cooler. Keep up with the great products!

11:43am on Thursday March 29

Thank you so much for this apology. It means so much! You're right-hopefully, at the end of all of this, people became more educated about PPD.

11:18am on Thursday March 29

Thank you for this post. It's so nice to see a company taking PostPartum Depression seriously and taking the initiative to speak up about it and use a situation like this to educate people.

9:55am on Thursday March 29

Thank you! And thank you to Lauren for continuing to raise awareness and give support to those of us struggling with PPD.

Katherine @ Postpartum Progress
9:13am on Thursday March 29

Thank you for this. I thought the post was unusual coming from Bravado and Babycenter, and figured you probably hadn't seen it in advance. That's why I chose not to write about the incident on my blog -- I figured Bravado and Babycenter would clear it up fairly quickly, and there was no need to harm the Bravado brand. I know moms with PPD appreciate your understanding and your meaningful apology. Thank you for caring about this.

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