Julie is 8 months pregnant and also has a 15-month old baby boy at home with Dad. Julie is a triple-threat, balancing the needs of her growing family, her own health and wellness during pregnancy and her career.

Meet Julie: A mom who overcame common challenges

What challenges did you experience while nursing and how did you overcome them?

I had a positive outlook about breastfeeding while I was pregnant, but I didn’t anticipate that challenges I faced when my son was born. I was not able to get my son to latch properly on my own, which caused my nipple to crack and bleed. My husband as well as lactation consultants at Sunnybrook Hospital were very encouraging and supportive, as I continued to work through the breastfeeding hurdles until I finally got my son to latch and feed. Without this amazing support, I would have considered alternate routes to nourishing my son.

What has been your proudest moment as a nursing mother?

The proudest moment I felt as a nursing mother was when I was able to overcome the challenges I was experiencing during the first couple of weeks breastfeeding. Finally, my son and I weren’t crying during each feeding. The experience was more relaxed and my little one was satisfied.

What is your favorite memory as nursing mother?

It’s a wonderful feeling as a mother to hold my son close to my heart and give him the best nourishment possible. During these feedings, I would tell my son how much I loved him and caress his forehead, arms and legs. I felt so blessed to have this amazing life in my arms and to be able to spend these moments bonding with him.

What insight or information would you share to define your personal success as a nursing mother?

It’s really important for mom’s who plan to breastfeed to really educate themselves. There’s a lot of research and expert information on how to have a successful breastfeeding start on the web. However I found it most helpful to actually seek a lactation consultants help. The one on one sessions were invaluable. I was able to relax and with the help of an expert find the confidence in myself to breastfeed my son.

Where did you find the greatest support while nursing?

My greatest support while nursing was my husband. He was always encouraging, especially in the first few weeks of my son’s birth. He understood that breastfeeding doesn’t come easy for some women and that there were challenges, potential problems, and solutions. He was there for me as a sounding board and someone to help me find a solution to breastfeeding. I didn’t feel alone through this process. It was really a team effort.

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