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Kate Marsh Lord is the mom of three young and very energetic kids: a 5 year old son, a 3 year old daughter and a “surprise” bonus baby boy born in March of 2012.

What challenges did you experience while nursing and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge to nursing successfully has been that one of my breasts (the right) produces significantly less milk than the other. In addition to providing an interesting bathing suit look (one engorged and one flat boob), it means that I essentially breastfeed on one side. My first son started refusing the right breast at about 8 months, my daughter about 5 and at 4.5 months, the right breast already elicits cries from my son. He’s over it. The good news is that I know from experience that I can feed my babe on only one side. (My daughter nursed on left only from 5 to 19 months!) So, Max and I will keep at it and I’ll remain lopsided in a bathing suit for another year or two.

What has been your proudest moment as a nursing mother?

It’s hard to pick just one moment that makes me the proudest as a nursing mama. I think it was probably recently at my son’s 4 month check-up when the doctor approvingly admired Max’s growth chart. My previous babies were on the small side and it thrills me to no end that Max is a chunk and his big thighs and yummy cheeks are built on my breast milk alone.

What is your favorite memory as nursing mother?

When I think about my favorite memory as a nursing mama, it goes all the way back to my first son learned to sign “milk.” In addition to learning how to communicate, it was really special because not only was he asking for food, he was asking for me. I can’t wait until Max can communicate his desire for milk. You know, other than crying for it.

What insight or information would you share to define your personal success as a nursing mother?

With three kids in the house, nursing can feel like a family affair. The older kids often have to wait or sit next to me and not on my lap while I feed Max. They obviously make some sacrifices so that I can nurse the baby. But, they don’t resent it. In fact, I love that they just know and assume this is how babies eat. The term “mama’s milk” it used regularly around the house and to our friends. My daughter “nurses” her babies. It’s just how we do it around here. I hope I’ve led by example and they’ll feed their babies the same way.

Where did you find the greatest support while nursing?

I’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful support from the first time I breastfed my oldest until today. My family – from my mom to mother in law to husband to my children – have been incredibly kind and encouraging and supportive. My mom is extremely knowledgeable about babies and breastfeeding so her insight is always helpful. Of course, my husband has been wonderful, too. He knows how important breastfeeding is to me, so by extension it’s a priority to him.

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