A Day in the Life of a Nursing WOHM (Work Outside of Home Mom)

Abigail Walston

Posted By: Abigail Walston

I'm returning to work as a teacher in September. I'm not a big fan of pumping and my son has rarely used bottles so I know that going back to work is going to be a big adjustment for both of us.

2:00 am- Joshua nuzzles me, looking to nurse. I nurse him and he goes back to sleep. He wakes and nurses about every 15 minutes for the next two hours. I'm awake the whole time.

4:00 am- I decide that maybe Joshua needs a diaper change and that's why he won't sleep peacefully. I change his diaper, which was wet, and we head back to bed. I lie in bed, unable to sleep because I want to make sure Joshua is comfortable. I think about work in the morning and get the idea for this blog post. Joshua finally seems comfortable, so I can go back to sleep.

5:30 am- Ed's alarm goes off. I tell him I'm going to try to sleep for 20 more minutes. Joshua is sound asleep.

6:00 am- Ed calls from downstairs. Time to get up! I calculate exactly how long I can stay in bed without making myself late to work. Fortunately it's Monday and Joshua is going to my mother in law's house, so I don't have to label bottles. That will save a few minutes...

6:20 am- Oops! I fell asleep! Ed takes Joshua to change him and I rush around to get myself dressed. Somehow, we get in a quick nursing session and get out the door.

6:45 am- Joshua is in his car seat in the back of Ed's truck. I give him a kiss goodbye and get in my own car. I eat breakfast as I drive to work. It's not yet dawn.

7:30 am- First block begins. This is my preparation period, thank goodness! I make sure my plans are ready for the day and then head to pump. I express 6.5 ounces, not bad! A colleague is out sick, so I organize plans for her substitute.

9:00 am- Class.

10:30 am- Class.

12:00 pm- I multi-task by eating an apple and expressing 6 ounces of milk at the same time. I have only 30 minutes to do both, plus wash all the parts, visit the restroom and get ready for my next class!

12:30 pm- Class.

2:15 pm- Faculty meeting

3:30 pm- I'm home! Ed's bringing home Joshua today, so I have a little free time at home. The couch is calling me, but time alone is so rare and I have work to do! I change out of my work clothes, put in a load of laundry, take some meat out of the freezer, have a snack/lunch, pick up the kitchen, express 5 ounces of milk and prep as much of supper as I can. I even remember to put the clothes in the dryer.

5:00 pm- Ed and Joshua are home! I nurse Joshua and enjoy the quiet time with him as he dozes on and off in my arms. Then I make supper, sporadically joining Ed and Joshua on the floor to play with some blocks.

6:00 pm- Supper time! We all eat together as a family, allowing Joshua to sample some of our supper: butternut squash, pork chop and applesauce.

6:30 pm- After enjoying his supper, Joshua needs a bath. It's bath time for both of us! Ed cleans up the kitchen then comes to get Joshua out of the tub and ready for bed while I wash my hair.

7:00 pm- Family time in the big bed. We read stories and I nurse Joshua to sleep.

8:00 pm- As Joshua sleeps beside me, I'm on the laptop. I order groceries for delivery the next day, organize and review my lesson plans, blog, and then enjoy a little free time on Facebook and Twitter (Follow me: @FarmDaughter).

8:30 pm- Joshua is awake and hungry! He nurses for 10 minutes, taking big gulps. Before I know it, he's fallen back to sleep and I steal a little more time on the computer.

9:00 pm- Lights out for me!

11:30 pm- Joshua wakes me up to nurse. He quickly falls asleep, and so do I.
And it starts all over again!

3:20pm on Wednesday January 5


8:18pm on Thursday January 6

Nancy, we have a block schedule of four classes each day, about 85mins each. I have one prep so I have plenty of time to pump then, plus 30 minutes for lunch. The problem is that I'd like to pump more often but don't have the breaks in my day. As you know, a teacher can't just leave the room to do anything! No unscheduled bathroom breaks or pumping!

5:26am on Thursday January 6

Abbie~~you are my HERO, and Josh's too, I'm quite sure!

10:01pm on Wednesday January 5

This makes me really glad I'm not teaching anymore! I taught for 2 months this year, and I only had an hour a day to pump. It was crazy. I don't know how you find the energy to put in a full day of teaching!

9:28pm on Wednesday January 5

What a day! Just a reminder of what I'm about to enjoy in a few months!

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