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April Picon

Posted By: April Picon

With her baby due any day now, April is equal parts excited and nervous.

Here in the Bronx we have lots of great things – great food (especially pizza and Spanish food), the Bronx Zoo, the Botanical Garden, not to mention, the Yankees! When I tell people from other places that I live here, they imagine a busy, graffiti- and crime-filled city but for me, the Bronx is so much more than any of that. I live on a quiet street in a two-family house with an elementary school right down the street and a public park. There are LOTS of mommies in my neighborhood and just three months ago, I joined the club!

I can’t wait to take Aiden to the park down the street so he can go on the swings or run through the sprinkler. I see so many moms, dads, grandparents and nannies playing with their kids and I’m grateful that we live in such a family-friendly neighborhood.

Today, I wore Aiden in the carrier and went over to our New York Public Library branch and got the schedule for Storytime. My branch only has a “toddler time” but the man who runs the children’s programs said that lots of smaller babies come and it is totally fine. I'm really looking forward to taking Aiden and when I go back to work, my mom will take him. I exchanged some friendly hellos with other moms who had brought their little ones to the library and one even encouraged me saying “it’s never too early to start, bring him to Storytime!” I thought that was sweet of her and I feel exactly the same way.

It was a gorgeous day so Aiden and I walked all around! He looked so cute leaning back in his carrier as the breeze touched his face. We sat down on a bench at the neighborhood park. When he started to  get fussy, I thought about just walking down the street to our house but then decided to nurse him right on the park bench! I wondered if anyone would notice and got a little nervous and we were just fine. It feels great to know that Aiden has his milk fresh and at the perfect temperature anytime, any place!  A young mom walked by and smiled at me…. An older couple walked by and averted their eyes… some children were playing and didn’t even give us a second look.

I think I like being a baby-wearing, nursing mom in this city. Now for the next urban adventure – baby’s first subway ride!

9:00am on Tuesday August 16


Terry Pool
11:25pm on Thursday August 18

Bravo!! For breast feeding in Public!! For my three boys I would go to the car or to a private room to breast feed. I guess the only "Public" feeding would be one time when I was at the Dentist and my husband came with my son(who was crying his head off)and said that the baby did not want the bottle so would I please feed him....The Dentist left the room...and I fed the baby!

6:40pm on Tuesday August 16

I also live in the Bronx and find it that it is not as bad as some people think. This borough has some amazing places and some of the friendlies people I have met and yes nursing in public can be intimidating but you can't let people decide what is best for you and your son. I com-mend you for breast feeding your child; it's the most rewarding feeling in the whole world. Keep up the good work.

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