My Proudest Accomplishment

Desiree Wynn

Posted By: Desiree Wynn

Desiree is a brand new mom to a baby girl. Fresh from the hospital, she’s navigating the initiation into parenthood and everything that goes along with it - from waiting for her milk to come in, to learning to get a proper latch...

I was catching up with fellow classmates on my high school alumni page and one thread asked us "what have you done since you graduated?" Many responses were wordy, outlining world travels or executive roles at prominent companies. I typed my response without hesitation: "I have a four-month-old baby girl!" In being a mother, I feel like my life is complete. My daughter is, and forever will be, the best thing I’ve ever done. She is the shining jewel of all my accomplishments, the one I mention first. When I think of all the things that I’ve done, the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met, they all pale in comparison to having my daughter. Nothing else seems as important. Yet, when we get ready for bed at night, I tell my daughter my stories. I don’t know many traditional bedtime stories, so I tell her of the places I’ve traveled and how much fun we’ll have when we travel together. I tell her about the people I’ve met and lessons I’ve learned and how she’ll have stories of her own soon because as much as I want to share my life with my daughter, I want her to have more. I got great grades in school – I want my daughter to have better grades than I did. High school was a wonderful time for me and I have many fond memories – I want my daughter to have even more fun than I did. I want her to travel to more cities. I want her to have more professional success. I want her stories to have even more colorful characters; I want her to have even greater adventures. I have an amazing life and I want even more for my daughter. They say you don’t truly appreciate your parents until you become one and that certainly holds true for me. I’ve never taken my parents for granted and I’ve always been very grateful to have had the upbringing that I did. They put my brother and me first and made it clear every single day that family was their number one priority. My parents set an amazing example for me and I’m poised to take all that I’ve learned from them and build on it. I want nothing in the world but to be able to give my daughter more. 9:00am on Thursday September 22


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