A New Generation of Breastfeeders

Jennifer Johnson

Posted By: Jennifer Johnson

I didn't grow up around breastfeeding moms. In fact, I grew up making formula bottles for my little sisters.

I didn't grow up around breastfeeding moms. In fact, I grew up making formula bottles for my little sisters. That was routine in my home. And while I probably knew breastfeeding was an option, I knew formula was just as good of an option for us.

My mom decided not to breastfeed me after she became worried that her breasts would smother me, and turned to formula after that.

Formula didn't do any obvious harm to my siblings or me. We weren't any more sick than other kids we knew. We love our mom and still have good strong relationships with her, even though she didn't share some of the same attachment parenting philosophies that some breastfeeding moms do.

My mother also worked, so we went to daycare fairly young, and bottles made that easier for her.

Seeing how well formula worked for my family growing up, I have been very open to it as an adult, and see the benefits it has for some people. But after meeting my husband I started to see from a different point of view.

"You have to breastfeed," he bluntly told me as we talked about how we'd feed our future babies. His mom breastfeed him and all of his siblings, and having taken many science and psychology courses he said it was just 100% better for our children. Physically, mentally, emotionally, you name it.

I never really saw him as adamant about anything regarding our future children before (this was before we were expecting) so it made me think more about breastfeeding. I knew I'd most likely be working, so I assumed formula-feeding would just be easier for us.

Since being pregnant, and having friends with young babies, I've discovered the true price of formula -- literally, the financial cost. That's what's stuck out to me the most about that option. It's like, "Hmm, let's see. Boobs= free, and formula = hundreds of dollars a month!"

I've gotta say, money is the number one reason I've decided I'm going to give breastfeeding a try. Of course there are many many other benefits that I've read about which I'm excited to experience, but I think you've gotta work with what motivates you first. And if every can of formula I save on buying means another cute outfit for my daughter, that's motivation enough for me, for now.

I won't be easy picking this task up from a first-generation standpoint, but I know I can do it, and I'm open to the challenge. I'm having a baby soon -- quite possibly this week, and I'm excited to give her, and myself, the gift of breastfeeding.

11:33am on Tuesday August 3


2:50am on Friday February 3


9:37am on Wednesday September 15

Good for you, Jenn. Breastfeeding is a great gift to give to your baby.

@Tiffany: Yes, the pain does go away after a week or two. It helps if baby is latched on correctly. The first few weeks can be the toughest time. Once you get past that, breastfeeding gets a lot easier. Leaking will eventually stop as your supply and your baby get on the same page. Be prepared for extra feedings during growth spurts... this is how babies increase your milk supply for their growing needs.

I wish you all great success. I've been breastfeeding my kids for the past 19 years (I have lots of kids!) and have made it through some tough times, but overall it has been a great experience. My kids are healthy and fight off illness quickly.

6:26pm on Friday September 3

Jenn I think it's awesome your husband is so supportive of your plan to breastfeed! I always knew I wanted to nurse my children and my husband has been great picking up the slack everywhere else!

7:04pm on Wednesday September 1

There is a significant financial cost to using formula! (on top of all the other expenses: diapers etc) With my daughter I breastfeed exclusively for 4 months and then slowly moved to formula over the next 2. The cost per can is huge, and you go through a lot of formula (including throwing out a lot because you misjudge the amount the baby wants). When you have limited income over a maternity leave that is a problem. With my son I breastfed much longer and I am happy with both the emotional bond and the dollar savings.

Tiffany Crawley
10:29am on Wednesday September 1

How is it coming with breast feeding? Do the pain goes away after a couple days? Do the leak when your not feeding and do that mean you need to pump? So how has it been after birth?

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