My Breastfeeding Goodies

Jennifer Johnson

Posted By: Jennifer Johnson

I didn't grow up around breastfeeding moms. In fact, I grew up making formula bottles for my little sisters.

Believe it or not I'm excited to breastfeed and part of the reason is that I'm set with the gear! I already have a bunch of goodies to get me going and off to a good start.

I won a nice dual electric breast pump in a contest early this year and wanted to take it out and play with it the moment I got it. Luckily someone warned me that could cause put me into premature labor so I opted to watch the instructional DVD instead.

It was fascinating – the how-tos, the tips, learning how pumping allows dads to be involved in the feeding process and just learning more of the benefits of breastfeeding.

I've since stocked up on some nipple cream, breast pads, breast milk storage bags, a hand breast-pumping bra, among other things to hopefully help with the process. I even have two nursing pillows – one for upstairs, one for downstairs – because I've been told having a "nursing station" on both levels can make things easier.

Some things I don't have yet are nursing tank tops, though I hear they are so helpful and reusable breast pads. I don't have any books just about breastfeeding yet, but I'm not much of a reader. I'm more of a visual, or hands-on kind of learner — trial and error – so the books on the topic of breastfeeding aren't riveting literature I'm dying to read. I'd probably rather re-read the Twilight series. But I do love watching educational DVDs on breastfeeding. I've watched some about working women and breastfeeding, and general breastfeeding tips on DVD.

I'm fortunate that after my baby is born I'll have a $500 credit through my health insurance towards a lactation consultant, as well as a postpartum doula to help with getting the hang of things. Knowing I have these resources and support makes me all the more excited for my experience.

Of course I have the most important item built in. My boobs were made to feed my baby so I have faith they won't let me down.

Any advice for a new mom about to breastfeed for the first time? What helped you get through it? Any products you recommend that help?

4:01pm on Tuesday September 7


10:16pm on Wednesday September 8

I have found the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding to be a great resource to have on hand when questions arise.

Melissa Jenna
2:48pm on Wednesday September 8

I grew up preparing formula bottles for my little brother, too! I don't even think I knew breastfeeding was the "real" way of feeding a baby until sex-ed in middle school, which is totally crazy and kind of sad now that I think of it. Because of that, breastfeeding has been somewhat of a trailblazing adventure for me. Unfortunately none of the women in my family know anything about breastfeeding (some of them even disapprove!), so the most valuable resource for me has been other breastfeeding moms. Their support and encouragement has really made me feel secure and educated in my choice for feeding my baby. Best of luck!

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