Overzealous Chompy Baby

Nancy Horn

Posted By: Nancy Horn

After struggling with breastfeeding my first two children, I'm extremely optimistic about a more successful experience with my third and hope to make it to at least six months.

Skylar and I had been doing really well until last week when my right nipple got sore and eventually cracked. My first thought was that it was a latch problem. I tried to adjust positioning - but no matter what I did, the nipple kept getting worse. I started thinking it was something else (sometimes googling things at 11 pm is so not a good idea). My usual go-to remedies of a natural nipple cream and the gel pad didn't' help. I was really worried that this would derail my milk supply, so I started pumping and nursing as much as possible.

I thought it could be thrush (which I've never had) so I freaked out a little -- I've talked to enough breastfeeding moms to know that thrush sucks. If I had to go on medicine, would it hurt my milk supply? Skylar didn't have white patches in his mouth or any symptoms whatsoever. I didn't have any other signs, only the one cracked nipple. I started wondering if it was just a simple sore nipple, like I had thought it was in the beginning.

After speaking to a couple of friends, one of whom is a lactation counselor, thrush was ruled out. The consensus was that it was "overzealous, chompy baby." Since he's about to turn six months old, it makes sense that he may be teething, plus he's always been a very hungry kid. I kept nursing through all of this and it stopped hurting as much. After a few more days, I healed. And Skylar and I continued on our nursing journey.

I'm so happy we're about to reach my goal of six months of nursing! I want to make it another six months. I'm wondering what nursing with teeth will be like. Will he slow down on nursing sessions as he starts eating solids? Will my overzealous, chompy baby love solid food as much as he loves mama's milk?

12:00pm on Friday March 25
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3:29pm on Friday March 25

Nursing with teeth is almost the same as without (I personally think the gumming/gnawing is worse). My son got his bottom two and 7mths, only bit once and learned quickly (with a firm no and taking him off) that it was NOT ok. He now has 6 teeth (that I can see) at 10mths. We only night nurse and the number of times he's bitten while teething I can count on one hand. I thought he would slow down on nursing with solids but he just kept growing which meant that his appetite was growing as well. You're doing great and I hope he continues to love mommy's milk!

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