Things are Much Better (But We're Not Home Free Yet)

Nancy Horn

Posted By: Nancy Horn

After struggling with breastfeeding my first two children, I'm extremely optimistic about a more successful experience with my third and hope to make it to at least six months.

While nursing keeps getting better and better, we've still got a way to go. The witching hour and the evening up to around 11 pm – 12 am is still an issue. I feel like I'm distracted between dinner and bedtime rituals and then my supply dips. Our witching hour seems to start around 5 or 5:30. So it's tough to make dinner for my two older kids, then make dinner for my husband and I, and then clean up. While that's going on, the baby is super fussy and crying. If I can time it right, I can get in a nursing session around that time. Either way, I can't wait until my husband gets home for work so he can help. But we 'd end up bickering during fussy time, with my husband thinking that the baby was hungry and me insisting he was just fussy.

But something happened that helped us deal a little better. At Skylar's 2 month well-baby check-up last week, our old school pediatrician told me, "The baby is going to be fussy at that time, deal with it. You don't have to keep feeding and feeding him." And with that, my husband and I stopped bickering. We tried holding the baby and using the pacifier a little more (since I am the baby's source of nourishment, I believe I know when he's going to be hungry – or so I like to think). I also work harder to try to pump a couple times during the day, so I can have expressed breastmilk on hand.

Luckily we're fine from late night to morning (I nurse Skylar in bed) and the period between morning to witching hour is now fine. It's so liberating to not have to deal with all the bottles like I did with my first child (we used fewer for my second child).

Still, it feels like life is a constant juggle. I juggle children. I juggle housework. I juggle nursing while feeding my other two kids. I juggle spending time with my two year old daughter and nursing the baby. I juggle the baby and helping my son with his homework.

It would be great if I could figure out how to keep my supply up at early evening and before midnight. But I am getting what I wanted, to succeed at nursing. I am thrilled that my milk supply is way up, Skylar's latch is so much better and I don't have to worry that he's being nourished, because he is!

11:57am on Friday November 19


Brittany Allred
1:07pm on Thursday February 24

Dinner time is so hard. I think it's something ever mother struggles with. sometimes I just call my husband and tell him to bring home a pizza because I'm just too tired to cook.

Nancy Horn
11:37pm on Friday December 10

Thanks Karolyn, I do drink the tea (love it), but am all touched out too at that time and afraid to have the baby in the ERGO when I cook. I try to feed the kids earlier so I can nurse before my husband gets home. We're getting there, it's just slow.

12:04pm on Friday November 19

Good work, mama. Have you experimented with nursing in a sling? I often prepare dinner, serve, and clean up all while my nursling suckles away. All the nipple stimulation is great for your supply. Granted, sometimes I am touched out and can't let the nursing session go on for an hour and a half and other times I am so grateful it has!

Also- get yourself some mamas milk tea. Helps with supply.

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