Don't Panic! Tips to get you through the big clock adjustment without losing any sleep.

We all love getting that extra hour of sleep each Fall, but for those of us with babies, the time change can be problematic. Getting and staying on schedule with your baby might be trickier when the clocks change.

At Bravado Designs we don't like to panic, but we do like to party! This is why we've hosted twitter parties in the past to share and discuss tips for "falling back" without disrupting your baby's sleep and feeding schedule.

Some of the best advice has come from YOU. Moms are the pros and here are the tips we hear again and again.

1. Start adjusting schedules back a few minutes the week before (Monday, 5 minutes earlier; Tuesday 10 minutes earlier; and so on).

2. Make sure you have a lot of fun activities planned so kids are busy, active and tired out and you can then transition more easily into bedtime.

3. Set an extra alarm the first few days to help make sure that wakeups happen on time.

4. Your young ones may be "off" for a few days, but have faith and keep sticking to your routines - they will get back on track.

5. Watch the sky with your child. Point out to toddlers that the sun going down means it's time to get some rest!

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