How to make an the Embrace Space fun & special for big brothers and sisters.

New moms spend a lot of time feeding and cuddling their newborns, and that can make an older sibling feel a little left out. Including them in the design and planning of your Embrace Space reinforces that they are still your babies too. Here are 5 ways you can include and entertain older siblings in your Embrace Space.

Get younger kids to contribute to the art on the walls. Consider using their framed drawings, or a picture that appeals to them. This could be their favorite animal, color, food - whatever resonates with them and makes them feel happy.

Install a bookshelf or rack, where you can keep the selection of picture books fresh.

Include seating that is size appropriate and if possible, involve your older child in the selection of their special chair or beanbag by offering a color or texture choice.

Give them a surface to color, do puzzles or consume a snack on. It's likely that they will want to eat when their younger sibling is eating, and having a small table just for them will make them feel welcome, and make clean up easier.

Nurture their nurturing tendencies with a new special doll or toy that they can care for, alongside you. A few well chosen accessories such as a doll bed or carrier open the door for imaginative play.

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