How The FREE Incredible Extender Gives The Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra Even More Comfort, Value and Flexibility.

Included with each Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra is an extender. Around here, we like to call it the "Incredible Extender," and we are not alone! This may well be your new best friend, as the extender is all about you and your ultimate comfort. The extender is specifically designed to provide added flexibility while you are pregnant and nursing - it facilitates an easy and comfortable fit every time. Simply hook the extender to the back of your bra and adjust to the hook and eye that fits best.

The Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra extender accommodates your changing shape so that you can wear the bra as a maternity and nursing bra - quite the value proposition - providing comfort and extending the life of this versatile bra. You can really get the most wear out of your Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra without sacrificing comfort or the right fit. The Extender is included FREE with each Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra. Simply adjust or remove the extender to accommodate any fluctuations in your rib band size for supreme comfort and a great fit.

Recently our expectant friend, Corine Ingrassia, founder of modern mom blog, had this to say:

"Finding a comfortable bra with great support can be challenging. When I found the Bravado Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra, one of the features I was most excited about was the extender. Now the bra I love can accommodate both my growing frame while pregnant and shrinking frame postpartum."

There are chances to win an Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra every day! For your chance to win, register here. Contest closes August 15, 2013. We wish you the best of luck!

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