Introducing Our Partner Monte Design: The Birth of the Modern Glider

We're thrilled to introduce one of our partners for this extraordinary Embrace Space campaign - Monte Design! Toronto based Monte Design is known for its pure, uncluttered yet warm and welcoming designs. The brand is synonymous with stylish and super-comfortable gliders. Founded by husband and wife team, Ralph and Michelle Montemurro, Monte Design has become an essential element in today's modern nursery. We sat down with Ralph and Michelle for an inside look at how they started, how their own family of six inspires them, and why having the right glider is essential to an Embrace Space.

BD: You are a husband and wife team. This is your first time working together. Has building a company together been what you expected?

RM: Michelle and I work really well together, and we're very effective at making joint decisions. Now that we have four kids, Michelle is busy with managing their schedules, and I run the business day-to-day (along with our great staff of course), but all major design decisions are still made together.

BD: Thanks to your passion and vision, you have made Monte an iconic fixture of the Modern nursery - How did you get your start?

MM: We had just built a modern home and needed to furnish the nursery for our newborn. There were no modern gliders at the time, so Ralph decided to design one, and Monte Design was born. Our first chair, the LUCA, is named after that little newborn -- our third child -- Luke. Actually, most of our products have been named after our children or otherwise reflect our own Italian upbringing.

BD: You've created a furniture line for the nursery and home known for exceptional comfort, function and design. What makes a Monte Designed piece unique?

RM: Lots of passion, prayers and prototyping go into every item. We never let a piece leave our facility until we are completely satisfied with its comfort and design. I'm a details guy -- sometimes a 1/4 " change makes all the difference!

BD: How do you draw on your own family's experience and needs to create incredible designs for the nursery and home?

RM: Our own family is our target market -- people who care about having super functional items in their homes that are also beautiful and very well-made.

BD: Having the right glider in an Embrace Space is essential. When designing your gliders, how do you balance the needs of nursing mothers with an eye on style and design?

MM: All of our chairs are ergonomically designed to include proper arm height, back, and head support for nursing, and they have to be comfortable, especially for nursing mothers. The overall look is critical -- we make sure we marry form and function before any chair goes into production.

We are such fans of Monte Design and are grateful for their partnership as we launch the Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra. Be sure to register to win this week's draw (July 15 - 21), so that you can enjoy the modern comfort of the Luca glider in your nursery. We wish you the best of luck!

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