Take Your Embrace Space on the Road with Parenting Pro Candace Lindemann

BD: Summer is here- it's time to take things outdoors! With warmer weather and the lure of summer's fun activities it can be challenging for a nursing mom to keep up with it all while keeping comfortable and confident tending to baby's needs. What is the number one piece of advice you would give a new mom who's looking to get herself out and about with baby?

CL: Relax! I've noticed that many new, breastfeeding moms (and I include myself in this when I had my first baby) have two worries: whether or not baby will be safe and whether or not they will be comfortable breastfeeding around others. First, choosing to breastfeed means you have a built-in feeding, hydration, and heat-regulation system for your baby. As to the second concern: your breastfeeding is probably a lot less obvious than you think! We look down to watch our babies feeding but most people are at least several feet away, looking across at us.

BD: Summer is often synonymous with busy family travel and vacations. It's the season of planes, trains and automobiles. What are your must-haves for breastfeeding on the go?

CL: My must-haves are a reusable water bottle and dried fruit snacks so mom can stay hydrated and energized, a sling that makes nursing hands-free and can also double as a sun cover for baby, sunglasses, a blanket and a top-notch nursing bra or tank so you don't have to fumble or expose more than you are comfortable showing. A tank even covers up the tummy. Seriously, ladies, do not skimp on the nursing undergarments!

BD: You are a tremendous promoter of breastfeeding and advocate for nursing mamas. You've nursed all three of your children and you've got another one due in November. What's your secret to balancing your needs with those of baby?

CL: Actually, I've found that breastfeeding helps me stay balanced. Breastfeeding means that I do not have to worry about keeping bottles from spoiling or heating them up or cleaning them afterwards. Breastfeeding also gives me a built-in break when I need one. Although I have become skilled at breastfeeding hands-free in a sling, everyone understands if I say I need to find a quiet, shady spot to feed the baby.

BD: In celebration of the new Bravado Designs Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra, we've created the fantastic Embrace Space contest to celebrate that coveted "ahhhh" of a feeling when mom and baby are at once nurtured and quieted. Describe your idea of how a Mom can assure that feeling how can she create an Embrace Space for herself on the road or when on the go with baby?

CL: When I'm on the go, I look for a cool, quiet space with a comfortable place to sit. Just in case there is not a ready-made Embrace Space, I always have a sling. If I've got my sling, I am all set!

Candace Lindemann is the editor of and publisher at and

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