An Intimate Chat with Project Nursery
Co-Founders Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio

To celebrate the launch of our Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra and kick off the start of our incredible Embrace Space contest, we sat down with our contest partner and design afficanados, Project Nursery founders, Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio. We were so thrilled for the opportunity to get the inside line on how they got their start, what inspires them, and what they think makes a great Embrace Space. Read on to learn how these two very successful, vibrant designing women changed the way we look at creating nurseries.

BD: You've created an amazingly successful online design resource for expectant moms and parents everywhere! How did you get started?

MF: We started Project Nursery five and a half years ago in 2008. It was so unexpected. Pam and I have been friends forever, since college, and we both have a love of renovating and decorating. We just had our first babies and would always trade design ideas with each other online. When my son was born, his nursery was the only room in our home we decorated. I submitted a picture of the nursery to the HGTV show "Rate My Space" and it became the number one photo on their site! I was inundated with emails and questions from viewers and I simply couldn't keep up with it all. I talked to Pam about creating a blog platform, and Pam said "what's a blog?" But together we figured it out and sent an email to our family and friends and said here's what we are doing and can you support us. And, that's how Project Nursery was born!

PG: At the time, there was nothing out there to help parents specifically with nursery design. The big box stores didn't offer anything, and parents really wanted nurseries to reflect their own style. We received a lot of questions from modern parents about the trials and tribulations of creating nurseries within small spaces. The nursery is such a personal space. It's one that you start from scratch, and it really is your baby. It is like a "pat on the back" for parents to submit their spaces to us and be showcased on PN. Melisa and I both had jobs we loved before we had kids. We wanted to create something we were passionate about and that we could build. We are our own bosses now and it's really empowering.

BD: You're producing incredibly gorgeous spaces and images on a daily basis. What is your biggest motivation? What keeps you inspired?

MF: Helping other parents, and giving those parents a "pat on the back", especially for first time parents is what motivates us. We think nursery design should be a fun family bonding moment.

PG: Our motivation is our readers and all the images being uploaded daily. Melisa and I love designing and we do our own series, but it's about going onto our website and seeing these images that inspire us- our hats go off to these parents. We love seeing design savvy parents, DIY projects and mixing high-end pieces with affordable ones.

BD: Melisa, you're based in New York and Pam, you're in San Francisco. You make an amazing team. What's it like running a bi-coastal business?

MF: It's challenging! But trust is key. Because of the time difference it's a tag team effort. We call each other "second husbands", like working with family. Now that we are bi-coastal, it is an advantage because we can have a longer work day. We're more accessible to the people who need us. But the negative is sometimes we don't connect as much because of different meal times and bedtime schedules for our families.

PG: All the technology we have in place is key to running the business. We're setting up the company to be really mobile so our team can work from anywhere.

BD: We are so pleased that you've partnered with us on the launch of our new Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra through the Embrace Space contest. Describe your idea of an Embrace Space.

PG: An Embrace Space is a space in the home that is so special for a mom, to bond with her new baby. It's all about comfort, ease and a special moment with her newborn. Whether it's a corner in the bedroom or a traditional nursing nook, it should be really special and comfortable.

MF: As a new parent, you don't even realize how much time you spend there, and it can really change the experience if you've thought about it and planned it. Nursing is an amazing gift you can give your baby and it adds to that experience you'll never forget as your child grows up!

BD: A mom and her baby spend a great deal of time nursing. How do you balance the needs of mother and baby when designing an Embrace Space?

MF & PG: Design can always play into something. Things can look good but also serve a function. Specific to the Embrace Space and nursing you need to think practically, but, also think about the little touches like a nice throw for mom to keep warm or an attractive side table to hold essentials that won't get cluttered.

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