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Bravado Essential Embrace™ Bras - Your Passport to Comfort

How to fit yourself perfectly for the amazing comfort and support of the new Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra.

Here's what BravadoMamas had to say:

"I am a huge fan of underwires, which this bra doesn't have, but it's the closest thing I've found to the support provided by an underwire bra. Bravado Essential Embrace™ became my favorite nursing bra on first wearing, and I might actually buy it again in the future when I'm not nursing, to replace some of my sleep bras."

– Susan from San Pedro, CA, Nursing 1 mth old

"The [Essential Embrace] bra was very comfortable, felt like a sports bra, had great support and loved the material!"

– Jackie from Depew, NY, Nursing 3 mth old

"The Essential Embrace bra is very comfortable. It gives good lift and and support without a wire and without discomfort. The material is super smooth and soft. It's on the casual side and good for an everyday bra."

– Rachel from McKinney, TX, Nursing 10 mth old

"The Essential Embrace nursing bra so comfortable and has a very natural flattering fit! I would definitely purchase another bra like this - I love it!"

– Amy from Ohio, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I really like the lightweight fabric and how it still has a great deal of support! And as far as ease of use, it folds down nicely and isn't bulky and in the way when my little one is nursing. Overall, I give it an A!"

– Jenny from Medina, OH, Nursing 4 mth old

"I love this bra. This is my favorite nursing bra I've ever worn. The fabric is super soft and so comfortable that I've slept in it. Thanks Bravado for making one of the best bras ever!"

– Kourtney, Pregnant, 1st Trimester

"This bra is incredibly supportive! Compared with my other nursing bras, I much prefer the comfort and style of this bra. Contours and shapes exquisitely, while supporting greatly! This is now my go-to bra for around the house and work attire."

– Susan from Louisiana, GA, Nursing 2 mth old

"I wore the Essential Embrace all weekend. Including a 12 hour shift at work. It was amazing!! Upon opening the package my first impressions were that the fabric felt very smooth, lightweight, yet sturdy. As soon as I put it on I felt instantly supported. The bra was super comfortable, no pinching or digging anywhere. Also, the fabric was fitted,and supportive, but not binding. I'm recommending it to the moms I know as soon as it is available."

– Peggy from VA

"As someone who has a larger bust, a newborn, preschooler, dogs and plays sports I really appreciate that extra support."

– Jennifer, Nursing 2 mth old

"Excellent bra. Nice support, comfortable fabric and good looking for a nursing bra!"

– Crystel from Montreal, QC, Nursing 1 mth old

"I absolutely love the Essential Embrace nursing bra! It's very comfortable, while still being supportive. I love the feel of the fabric too! The bra is very accommodating to the ever fluctuating bust size of a nursing mama. I have many Bravado bras- this one is by far my new favorite!"

– Carly from TN, Pregnant, 2nd Trimester

"I am impressed by the quatlity of this nursing bra. It is very comfortable and supportive. I like the fabric, it feels well-made and is soft. I like the thickness of the the bra cups. I like how it looks and feels. I can tell that it will last a long time. I have tried other nursing bras and have never been as pleased with the quality or functionality of the bra as I have been with the ones from Bravado. I will look forward to using this bra for nursing my new baby in about a month!"

– Sarah, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I love this bra! So comfortable and lots of support!"

– Haley from Ontario, Nursing 2 mth old

"The fabric is soft and breathable. I like my shape. I feel supported but not constricted while wearing it."

– Claire from Cypress, TX, Nursing 3 mth old

"The Essential Embrace is by far my favorite of the 3 daytime nursing bras that I bought. I am a 36G and the bras available to me were very limited because of my size. The two other bras that I bought have underwires that are rather uncomfortable. I love the sports bra feel of the Essential Embrace mixed with the look of a normal daytime bra. I would absolutely buy this bra over the others that were available to me."

– Nicole from Los Angeles, CA, Nursing 1 mth old

"This bra is awesome! So comfortable and cute! The material does not get stretched out with daily use, like most maternity bras. I will be buying another essential embrace nursing bra. I love it!"

– Elizabeth from Crystal, MN, Nursing 9 mth old

"This bra feels as comfortable as the body silk [seamless nursing bra] but it's more supportive and gives nice cleavage. It's the first nursing bra I feel sexy wearing! I'm definitely glad to have it and reccomend to friends."

– Jennifer from Nanaimo, BC, Nursing 2 mth old

"I really like! This will be my 2nd time nursing. It has to be one of the best nursing bras! Even before the sales lasy told me that I wouldn't have to purchase this one, I wanted to buy it."

– Meredith from Midlothian, VA, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I was surprised at the comfort and shape of this bra. It has the best shape of any softcup bra (nursing or otherwise) that I've tried, and it retained that shape as long as it was worn. Every other wire free bra that has the vertical 'ribbing' on the sides I have had to cut out because it was so uncomfortable, but this one I can't even tell it's there! Supportive, shapely, comfortable, & no issues while nursing or pumping."

– Elizabeth from Cypress, TX, Nursing 1 mth old

"I love the Essential Embrace - it is so comfortable to wear and looks great under clothes. I plan on ordering another one this week!!"

– Brandy from Arkansas, VA, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I really love the Essential Embrace. It is extremely comfortable but also very supportive. The material is soft and stretchy. I've tried many other brands and have never found one I liked before. The cups pull down far so it makes nursing convinient."

– Danielle from California, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"This bra is great! It is very supportive and smooth. I have large breasts now that I am nursing (DDD) and it is hard to find a nursing bra that is comfortable and also gives good support. The bra is well made and the material it is made out of is comfortable."

– Bayly from Atlanta, GA, Nursing 6 mth old

"Thank you for designing this fabulous nursing bra. It is the most comfortable bra I have worn post baby. My breasts post baby and while nursing are 38 F(DDD)/G and this bra makes me feel supported and more feminine in nursing and workout attire. I usually don't feel supported or I am really uncomfortable. I can also use this bra to do low to medium level intensity workouts. I NEED ANOTHER ONE STAT in a nude color this time. THANK YOU!"

– Gina from Burbank, CA, Nursing 7 mth old

"I really enjoy this bra. It provides full coverage and support. Very comfortable!"

– Amy from Galion, OH, Nursing 9 mth old

"This has become my new favorite bra. I love the shape and support it provides. I don't feel self-conscious about wearing this bra like with other nursing bras. I can't wait to be able to order more!!"

– Lisa from Alberta, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"LOVE this bra!!! So easy to use and amazingly comfortable. Fit is unparalleled! Will be ordering several more :)"

– Stephanie from the US, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I love the fit and feel of the Essential Embrace bra. It gives me a better, uplifted shape than my other nursing bras and I don't feel like the material is going to stretch and sag too much by the end of the day."

"I feel good, supported and comfortable in this bra all the while still feeling feminine. Hoping more color choices will be offered when the bra comes out for sale!"

– Holly from Lincoln, NE, Nursing 2 mth old

"Love the breathability of my new essential embrace and it fits like a glove while seamlessly hiding under my clothing. Needless to say it's amazing and I love it to pieces! Wish I had another, I am considering purchasing another one soon after my new bundle arrives home."

– Ashley from Ontario, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I love this bra! I've been having issues finding a bra that is supportive and great for an active lifestyle. I work as an RN, and this bra is perfect for working and pumping while I'm away from my twins! It's so comfortable and the material is very breathable!"

– Bethany from Wylie, TX, Nursing 12 mth old

"This bra was comfortable and provided more support than I was expecting."

– Kari from San Marcos, TX, Nursing 2 mth old

"I am very happy with this bra especially that it fits me great! It is very comfortable, supportive and practical. I wish I had this bra with my first three babies!!!"

– Marianna from San Francisco, CA, Nursing 12 mth old

"I have really enjoyed wearing this bra. It's comfortable, and it's great under t-shirts."

– Kasie from Decatur, GA, Nursing 12 mth old

"I love this simple comfort of the Essential Embrace. It's perfect for nursing - functional without the bulk of other nursing bras."

– Racheal from Beaverton, OR, Nursing 12 mth old

"This bra was awesome! I have the Bliss [Nursing Bra] and love it also but I really enjoyed the non wire with full support that Essential Embrace bra provides. I haven't delivered yet but I've worn this nursing bra a few times in the last couple weeks and its my 'go to' now! I also love the material and how the clasps can be opened and closed with one hand."

– Michelle from Ingersoll, ON, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I just got my Essential Embrace bra today, but I'm already in love with it! I'm very impressed with the quality and support of the material, and I really like its subtle yet sophisticated styling. Looking forward to wearing it as a second-time nursing mum!"

– Kirsten from Virginia Beach, VA, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I LOVE this bra! It is the first nursing bra I have worn that actually gives me a nice breast shape without a wire! It is snug, but very comfortable. It is comfortable enough to wear to bed, which I really like! I would recommend this bra to other nursing women!"

– Jennifer from Canton, OH, Nursing 2 mth old

"I really love the Essential Embrace Nursing Bra. This bra is so comfortable, I could sleep in it, which I cannot say for my other two nursing bras. I LOVE how soft and smooth the material is. I do wish it were a bit thicker material as I do have a little problem with nipple show but it's able to be worked around wearing nursing pads."

"The lack of under wire but with a solid band across the bottom is great for preventing and relieving clogged milk ducts while still offering support. When I received this bra I was suffering from clogged ducts and within 48 hours of wearing it, the ducts had cleared themselves out."

"I feel fully supported in this bra which surprised me as I thought I wouldn't due to the way the material feels. The bra gives the breasts a nice rounded look (no cones here) and still puts the girls up where they should be. I'm a 36H so this is extremely important to me. I would definitely recommend this to any nursing woman no matter her size. It's an extremely comfortable bra and feels durably made :-)"

– Christine from the US, Pregnant, 2nd Trimester

"This bra is breathable, supportive and very comfortable. Each cup can fold down separately for easy nursing. It has smooth lines and works well under almost any shirt or top."

– F.R. from Austin, TX, Nursing 2 mth old

"I really love this new bra! I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the new Essential Embrace and that it provided so much support! It supports my breasts better than my other bras and is such a comfortable fabric it was hard to take it off."

"I like that while you are nursing the cup easily pushes under your breast and is out of the way but still provides good shaping and support. The straps were just the right thickness to be supportive but not ugly and the design on the black one is really cute. I really appreciated that the back was smooth and did not create any back fat. All in all I find it to be stylish, comfortable and extremely functional."

"I love you bras so much and tell everyone I know who is nursing/expecting to buy them before they waste their money on other bras that won't fit properly and that will lose their shape/quality right away. I have tried many other brands and you are the only brand I would choose!"

– Amber from the US, Pregnant, 1st Trimester

"The Essential Embrace is a very good nursing bra. It reminds me of a bathing suit top and is extremely comfortable"

– Crystal from Warman, SK, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I absolutely LOVE this bra! I love everything about it: the material, the shape, and the fit! I especially love how it supports without wires"

– Anne from Lebanon, OH, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

" love my Essential Embrace nursing bra! I love the full coverage, thick straps, and great support without an underwire. I am looking forward to using this bra for nursing once my baby is born!"

– Alison from Kirkwood, MO, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"Unbelievable comfort and design! I want all my bras to be this amazing. The fabric is lightweight and breathable and the fit is perfect. Plus the colors and style don't make me feel like I am wearing a traditional nursing bra at all (I love the black and purple color combination and design)."

– Karen from Gaspereau, NS, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I LOVE this bra! As a full figured woman, it is incredibly difficult to find supportive nursing bras. But the Embrace fits the bill."

– Mary from Houston, TX, Nursing 1 mth old

"I feel like I'm wearing my sports underwear. It is really comfortable and beautiful..."

– Marie Josee from Longueuil, QC, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"As a large busted woman, 38 H/I, I have to say it is one of the MOST comfortable and supportive nursing bras I have tried on, especially with no underwire, which is so important to me! I can assure you I will be purchasing another Essential Embrace! Thank you Bravado!"

– Emily from St. Louis, MO, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"This bra is great quality and very comfortable. It is easy to wear and I would definitely purchase another one like it."

– Allison from Austin, TX, Nursing 2 mth old

"As a heavy breast woman, I found the bra very comfortable with tons of support. The fabric is soft with my nipples and the color (black) it is wearable as a top! Very versatile!"

– Ana from Toronto, ON, Nursing 3 mth old

"I really like this bra. It is very comfortable and gives me the support I need. Works very well as a 'sports' bra when doing physical activities."

– Janelle from Swift Current, SK, Nursing 3 mth old

"The straps were awesome: they didn't dig into your shoulders, and were soft to touch. After several wears, I can honestly say that this is the best bra that I have for nursing (at 7 weeks post-partum, I have purchased 5, and none compare to this one). Its breathable, and feels like its barely there. Thank you for making such a great bra!"

– Anna from Bedford, NS, Nursing 3 mth old

"The Essential Embrace is a very comfortable nursing bra. It provides great support and is a perfect alternative to an underwire bra."

– Carey from Killingworth, CT, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I LOVE this bra. Super comfortable. The fabric was very cool and free feeling while providing great support. Looks great under clothes too. Wish they had this bra around for my first baby!"

– Rachael from Arlington, TN, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"This bra is extremely comfortable. I can barely feel like I'm wearing anything! It also provides a nice shape. It also provides really good support for larger cup sizes."

– Allison from Toronto, ON, Nursing 3 mth old

"I really love the look if it, the deep V is flattering, the comfort is good. This bra has a real feminine look. THIS is a bra I will wear! Thank you!"

– Jessica from Montreal, QC, Nursing 12 mth old

"I am loving the new Essential Embrace bra! As a larger-busted nursing mama, I've been on the search for a wireless bra that would still provide plenty of lift and shaping. This is it!"

"I absolutely love the feel of the soft stretchy fabric, and the straps and band stay put all day long. Thanks for this great new option!"

– Christina from Austin, TX, Nursing 2 mth old

"I absolutely love the Essential Embrace nursing bra! The snaps are easy to take off and the fit is very comfortable. The fit is great and so is the support. I can't wait to go bra shopping for another one. Thanks Bravado!"

– Vanessa from Pasadena, CA, Nursing 2 mth old

"This is, by far, the most comfortable nursing bra I have tried! I am large in the chest and have had a hard time finding support, shaping, and comfort in one bra, but this bra provides it all! Can't recommend the Bravado Essential Embrace enough!"

– Emily from Houston, TX, Nursing 1 mth old

"Nothing compares to Bravado bras! I love the fabric and color of the Essential Embrace. It is comfortable enough to sleep in, but supportive enough to wear all day."

– Michele from Geneva, NE, Nursing 3 mth old

"I love this bra! I can't wear underwire while nursing as it clogs my milk ducts, so the fact that this bra has no underwire, yet amazing support, is fantastic!"

"The Essential Embrace nursing bra looks great under t-shirts and dresses and I like that it's slightly lower cut in the front to avoid peeking out when wearing dresses."

"It's incredibly comfortable and breathes well. Thank you for yet another amazing nursing bra, I tell all of my pregnant/nursing friends about your company!"

– Renee from Vancouver, BC, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I am 38 F/G. This bra actually managed to comfortably support my chest! Most bras do not provide support without the band riding up, but this bra band stayed in place ALL day!"

"This bra stayed in place all day - I never felt the need to adjust, even through trips out while nursing, changing diapers, putting kids in and out of cars and doing chores and all the REAL Mommy stuff!"

"The Essential Embrace cups provided the stretch I needed as everything changed size throughout the day. This bra is very comfortable. The best everyday bra I have."

– Chantelle from Maplewood, MN, Nursing 4 mth old

"This bra is AMAZING. I am a first time mom, nursing twin girls (3 months old) and have purchased quite a few bras. This one is the BEST one yet."

"I love the material, a soft cotton...excellent! I love the way the cups fit my breasts. The thick clasp at the back is really comfortable. I will definitely be purchasing more of this brand as I still have another 7 months to go!"

– Jennifer from Ottawa, ON, Nursing 4 mth old

"I am thoroughly impressed with the Essential Embrace nursing bra! The lightweight material makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. The bra fits snug and securely without feeling confined. The latch/hook system is easy to manipulate with one hand while supporting baby with the other. I would highly recommend this product!"

– Jenny from Guelph, ON, Nursing 2 mth old

"The Essential Embrace is an attractive nursing bra - the details in the piping and the straps are a nice touch! The material is very comfortable and feels really nice against my skin."

"This bra gives nice coverage with no 'spillage' at the armpit. This bra is a nice option for nursing moms to have!"

– Briegh Ann from Edmonton, AB, Nursing 2 mth old

"The Essential Embrace is a very comfortable bra for nursing. Great coverage and the fabric is not too stretchy so I feel well supported. Washes well, I have only hand washed and line dried, but it looked exactly as new after."

– Tara from Vancouver, BC, Nursing 7 mth old

"The comfort of the Essential Embrace design is amazing! I love the support feeling all the way around without feeling stiff and uncomfortable. I like the way the design keeps the bra snug when you have unclipped to nurse. This is a definite must have for any mother!!!"

– Kimberly from Kileen, TX, Nursing 9 mth old

"Of all the bras they gave me to try on in their shop (about 10), this was by far the best one. I really love it!"

"The bra retains my natural shape. It does not squish my chest into an unnatural 'mono-boob', nor does it lift my breasts into strange porn star-type cleavage. I look normal, feel normal, and enjoy wearing it."

– Andrea from Washington, DC, Pregnant, 3rd Trimester

"I love this bra. It is very comfortable and nice looking at the same time. I am wearing it now and everyday, but am anxious to use it while Im nursing as well."

– Jamie from Atlanta, GA, Pregnant, 2nd Trimester

"Love this new Bravado nursing bra, unlike a previous version the waist band doesnt scrunch up. Also l like the thicker material better, this helps to avoid having hard nipples show through clothing. And like all bravado bras, i like the FULL coverage the bra gives."

– Ashley from Oxford, QC, Nursing 2 mth old

"This is the best nursing bra that I own! The lightweight fabric breathes and feels great on my skin. The clips are easy to use and it is so comfortable. I feel very well supported. Thanks so much!"

– Faerlyn from Vancouver, BC, Nursing 1 mth old



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