Before Your Baby Is Born

Before Your Baby Is Born

You’re experiencing so many changes (emotionally, physically and socially!) and you are seeking expert advice on what to expect after your baby is born. Nine months doesn’t seem long enough to learn, read and absorb everything. Remember to relax. Many new moms experience the same mix of emotions. So much of your focus is on labor and childbirth, but now is the time for you to prepare for what lies ahead, breastfeeding. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Setting Up for Success: Ten Tips to Prepare for Breastfeeding

It's ironic that most pregnancy classes are geared toward preparing for labour and childbirth, but not much thought is given to breastfeeding. Yet those intense 24-48 hours spent delivering your baby are relatively short compared to the time you will spend feeding your beautiful (but hungry!) bundle of joy.
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Breastfeeding: 15 Ways New Dads can Help

Fathers can be active participants in the breastfeeding relationship. Here are 15 ways to encourage, nurture, empower and otherwise support your wife.
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What to Bring with you to the Hospital

Between picking out the nursery colors, putting together the new crib and admiring the impossibly small clothes, we wanted to make one task a little easier for you: packing your hospital bag.
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What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the "early milk" your breasts start producing in your third trimester of pregnancy, and then the first milk your newborn receives.
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Breastfeeding: The First Few Hours

A lot of breastfeeding information focuses on what happens after your milk comes in, which usually occurs at around Day 3 post-birth. But what happens during the first few hours after delivery?
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Breastfeeding: The First Three Days

The first days of your newborn's life can be a roller-coaster for both of you. From the exhilaration of birth to feelings of overwhelming pride and love, you'll run the gamut of emotions—and feeding patterns. Although there's no "normal" behavior for a baby during the first few days, here are some common scenarios for the first three days.
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