Common Challenges

Common Challenges

It’s 3AM and you are looking for a quick solution at your fingertips. Here you’ll find solutions to the most common breastfeeding challenges. What you’re going through is normal! You’re not alone—other moms have been through the same obstacles and we’re also here to help.

Getting Breastfeeding Support from Mom

New mothers need breastfeeding support. But sometimes grandma can hinder more than help. Fortunately, a little coaching can help get the support relationship between you and your mother back on track. If you're a First Generation Breastfeeder, here’s how you can help mom help you.
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Care Plan: How to Increase Your Milk Supply

If your baby isn't getting enough at your breast, you can solve the situation. If you follow a plan of supplementing and pumping after each feeding, your overall milk supply will increase along with your flow, which is often causing the problem.
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Care Plan: What to do if Your Baby Won’t Latch

What if your baby isn't latching at all? This is more common than you'd think, so don't worry if it happens. The problem can be caused by many factors, including your baby's mouth, your baby's suck or your nipples.
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Care Plan: Sore Nipples

While sore, cracked or bleeding nipples are common in the early days, if you feel your latches are good but your breasts are becoming more painful, there's a plan to help you through this tough time.
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Care Plan: Engorgement

Remember how sore and swollen your breasts were at the beginning of your pregnancy? Unfortunately, they might make a return appearance after your baby is born. Here's what you can do to ease engorgement.
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Why Your Baby May Not Be Getting Enough at the Breast

If your baby isn't getting enough to eat overall from breastfeeding, you have to figure out and then fix the problem. As with everything in life, it's easier to fix a problem when you know what's causing it.
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