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Let there be lights

February 25, 2016

There's a fancy shopping area in my hometown that they decorate with millions of lights every year.  Thanksgiving night, they make a big deal of flipping the switch and turning on the lights.  It's a pretty big deal and I've actually gotten to take a helicopter tour of the city to see the lights.  Hands down, Christmas lights are my favorite part of the holidays.  Every year, we always made a big deal about getting out the Christmas tree and stringing the lights, inside the house and out.  My mom does a different themed tree almost every year, but there are always lots of lights.

We're traveling this year so we haven't decorated the house and I have to admit, it's got me a little melancholy.  There are several houses on our block that are decorated so well and I wish ours was too.  However, my husband has promised me that our next Christmas will be at our house and our daughter will open presents under her own roof.  I'm really looking forward to having our own Christmas tree and I'm hoping our new house will have a cool banister because I've always wanted to have a garland of lights up the stairs.

One of my favorite memories is laying underneath the Christmas tree with all the other lights turned off.  The way they would glitter off of the ornaments was nothing short of magical.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and I really hope to pass that love of the season along to my daughter.  I can't wait for the day when we decide together how we'll decorate the tree?  White lights or colored?  Silver and gold ornaments or rainbow colors?  We'll get Dad to put the lights on the house because he's much better at that sort of thing, but we'll be right there, cheering him on with a mug of hot chocolate waiting for him when he's done.

Since this is Sofia's first Christmas, I'm pretty sure she'll only remember what she sees in pictures.  But that's not going to stop me from holding her in my arms and softly cooing, “Oooohhh, pretty lights!”

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