Last week, Skylar turned three months old and can now roll over from his back to his stomach, which my other children NEVER did that early. That means bed-sharing is scarier, because he can roll over. When he sleeps, that is. He spends practically all night nursing in bed.

While I love it, I'm not getting much sleep. I can deal with that because it's much better than getting up to make a bottle and I love the closeness we have. But what I'm having a harder time dealing with is that if I need to get up during the night, he's miserable without me. That means I can't get up to go to the bathroom – even if he's in a deep sleep, he wakes up.

More importantly, what do I do when my older son or daughter need me? My 5 year old son Ben got sick this week for three days. It started at 2 am on Sunday night. The instant I got up to see what was happening with Ben, Skylar started screaming and woke my husband up.

The next day, I started trying to change things. I still want to nurse at night, but when he's finished, I've got to put him down - even if it's in the co-sleeper or next to me in the bed. When Skylar was a newborn, I either held him or let him sleep in my nursing pillow. I wanted to try to make the co-sleeper more viable so I switched sides of the bed so I could have the co-sleeper right next to me (it was by my legs before). Then I ordered the co-sleeper extension kit, so it could be flush to our tall bed. My thought that I could keep Skylar in the co-sleeper and nurse him in there. That didn't end up working because there's a ridge and a slight drop down to the mattress. I can hold Skylar's hand when he's in there which actually calms Mr. Fussy down. But when he needs to nurse, I have to bring him back into the bed and he just ends up sleeping there. To make it safer, I put him a sleep positioner, so I can't roll over on him and he can't roll around.

While it's not ideal, it's certainly an improvement. Hopefully he'll actually sleep a whole night in the co-sleeper one of these days.. And I'll be able to get up to go to the bathroom or get up to check on my older children without screaming.