The way we see it, there’s nothing too good for moms. That’s why we’ve spent two decades creating some of the world’s most awesomely comfortable nursing bras. Now we’ve just cracked the code in a whole new area - the discomfort that can come with a growing belly.

Introducing Belly and Back Multi-Zone Pregnancy Support Band

Our over-achieving designers really outdid themselves. What makes Belly and Back so special is the attention we've paid to zonal support. Our support band boasts 7 targeted knit-in support zones - yes, 7! - to gently lift your belly, while evenly distributing weight, so there's less strain on your back.

When To Wear It
How To Wear It
In The Zones

The jersey center offers the most stretch. This ensures that your belly has lots of room in which to grow during your second and third trimesters.

The supporting cast of zones are placed along the top and sides of the belly. These have a moderate amount of stretch to transition between the jersey center to the high-support zones.

Featuring the most densely-knit fabric, these high-support zones are engineered to distribute the weight from the belly. They work the hardest to provide support under the belly while alleviating the stress on the lower back.

The Specs

Soft, 4-way stretch fabric

Moisture-wicking, quick-drying and odor-resistant

Certified free of harmful substances

S, M, L


Welcome To The Comfort Zone