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STEP-BY-STEP: How To Fit A Nursing Bra
Before You Begin +
  • Have a measuring tape, pen and paper ready
  • You will also need to be in front of a mirror
  • Wear a non-padded bra that reflects your true shape
  • You’ll need to determine 2 things: your rib band and your cup size. Only 2 measurements!

Rib Band Measurement +

Chest Measurement +


Once you’ve taken your measurements, enter the numbers below to find out your bra size.

Your Bra Size Is:
*Results cannot be guaranteed as conclusive. Actual size may differ based on stage of pregnancy, pre pregnancy size and personal preference.
Please contact Customer Service.
Based on the selections made, we will require more information from you in order to find the perfect fit.
The Right Bra

Buying any bra can be challenging, but buying a maternity and nursing bra given all of the changes that come with pregnancy and breastfeeding, can seem downright confusing. That’s why Bravado Designs is here to help.

Wondering how many bras you need?

Most moms like at least three to start their nursing wardrobe: one to wear, one to have and one to wash. Check out our styles to find the perfect combo for the stage that you’re in.

PREGNANCY & AFTER: Your Changing Body
First Trimester +
When you’re in the newly pregnant stage, your breasts are often tender and subtly—or dramatically—fuller, and probably the only part of you that actually looks pregnant. Hellooo, hormones. Every woman's body changes at a different rate. If your current bras aren’t comfortable anymore, consider a stretchier bra that will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

Second Trimester +

Third Trimester +

Initiating Breastfeeding +

Your New Routine +