At Bravado Designs, we have always been committed to helping all new mothers have a successful breastfeeding journey. Our partnership with Baby Buggy began in 2010 and provides a foundation for us to reach those who may be struggling to achieve their nursing goals simply because they don't have access to the proper essentials.

  The Support Her Dream Campaign will provide new moms in need across North America with Bravado nursing tanks to help ensure she and her baby get off to the very best and healthiest start.
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Founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001, Baby Buggy takes an innovative, child-focused approach to curbing generatonal proverty. By tying access to critical child gear items to parental enrollment in anti-poverty programs, Baby Buggy provides for the safety and health of a child while parents get the long-term support they need to help lift the family out of poverty. To date, Baby Buggy has provided more than 17 million items to more than 139 anti-poverty program sites in 17 markets. For more information, visit, follow @LoveRecycled on Twitter and Instagram and like Baby Buggy on Facebook.

Purchase the Dream Nursing Tank. #supportherdream Purchase the Dream Nursing Tank. #supportherdream

2016 Eisner Pediatric & Family Baby Shower: We teamed up with Baby Buggy to donate nursing tanks to Los Angeles area moms in need.