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Sharing a Bedroom with Baby

February 24, 2016

I discovered I was pregnant with Max 3 days after moving into our temporary new home. Our belongings were delivered about a week later and we had to decide on how to make our house a home and plan ahead for baby’s arrival. Complicating matters was the fact that we would reside in the house for one year.  My husband's in the military and we're moving overseas so who knows where we'll be living next. We decided to move in, use all of our space and make room for baby in our master bedroom. I haven’t regretted the decision at all because I love our combined master bedroom and nursery.

Same Room with Separate Space. Our baby doesn’t have a separate bedroom, but we did organize our room so that all of the “baby” stuff was in the same area of the room – from his crib to changing table to décor. It maintains some sense of adult master bedroom and a coordinating but distinct area that is for Max.

Storage. Babies need a lot of stuff. From diapers to onesies to blankets to bibs, you’ll have to find room for all sorts of baby things. My husband and I reorganized our dressers to dedicate one to Max and we purchased a compact changing table with storage.

Keep It Comfortable. Whether you share a space with baby or have a dedicated nursery, think about how you’ll use the room and make sure the needs are met. Our space has to have comfortable places – yes, plural – for me to breastfeed Max. I can feed him in my bed, both laying down and sitting up with pillows to ensure a comfortable latch. A last minute purchase we made for our “nursery” was a small rocking chair and I’m so glad we did. It’s an additional little place for Max and me to nurse.

Celebrate Baby. Even though he doesn’t have his own room I wanted to decorate the area as if it was a real nursery. This was great since it accommodated my “nesting” instincts during pregnancy and celebrated Max’s arrival with things unique for him. For example, our little nursery area has a print with special song lyrics, fabric bunting and a modern mobile over his crib.

As much as I love sharing space with my son, I’m excited to give him a room of his own.  Have you shared space with your infant? Do you have any tips or ideas to make it work?

See more photos of our shared master bedroom and nursery here.

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