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The First Month, A Month of Firsts

February 25, 2016

Within the first month of HH's life, there were so many firsts that I hope I'll never forget. That I wish I could permanently etch into my memory. I want to remember not just the moment, but how I felt, what I said or did. Because each one changed my life, changed me.

The first time I saw her. (I cried my eyes out.)

The first time I held her. (I cried some more.)

The first time I kissed her. (Still crying.)

The first words I spoke to her. (You're beautiful, I love you.)

The first time I nursed her. (I can sustain her life. Amazing.)

The first time I was alone with her. (Heaven.)

The first time I watched her sleep. (Peace.)

The first time she curled her little fingers around mine. (Pure love.)

The first time she fell asleep on my chest. (A dream.)

The first time she smiled at me. (Excited. I swear it wasn't gas!)

The first time I gave her a bath. (So nervous!)

The first time I realized I was really a mom. (There are no words.)

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