20 Minutes to Calm

Join expert Latham Thomas as she walks you through the perfect pre/post natal yoga flow.


Latham Thomas

Latham is a maternity lifestyle maven, wellness & birth coach/doula, yoga teacher. Her practice provides support to pre/postnatal women along their journey to motherhood offering culinary and nutritional services, yoga, and birth coaching services. www.mamaglow.com

What's the alternative pigeon position when you have a baby bump?

If you have a bump you place your leg on an angle that allows you space and elevate your upper body on pillows, forearms or a bolster. Also you can get the same benefits by sitting in a chair, on the edge and crossing your leg over to the knee- and leaning forward. That really opens your outer hip.

What is your favorite Yoga position to prepare for upcoming labour and birth?

My favorite pose to prepare for labor and birth is the goddess squat- which helps strengthen the legs, outer hips, and engages the pelvic floor. During a squat your pelvis is 30% more open.

It's been a month since my caesarean. Is postnatal yoga safe?

It's generally advised that moms allow themselves to heal for 6 weeks post birth. But you should check with your doctor first before starting back with your yoga routine. A gentle practice is a great way to start back.

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